Pregnancy Health & Wellness – Prenatal Yoga

Considering the discomforts that your ever expanding belly are likely to bring (round ligament pain, anyone?), being active and exercising might sound like the worst idea in the world. However, studies actually show that maintaining an exercise regimen while pregnant can help promote an easier labor. As a mom who is going to try and brave the experience without pain meds, that sounds pretty good to me!

I’ve never been one to be committed to going for runs or hanging out at the gym. And honestly, I don’t really care to let anyone see me exercising — especially right now.

My solution?

Pre-Natal Yoga DVDs!
There are tons of them. I like Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea by GAIAM.
There are three fitness instructors, one representing the modifications for each trimester.
The best part? The relaxation period at the end. I won’t pretend that I haven’t flat fallen asleep in the middle of my living room floor a couple of times. And what pregnant lady doesn’t love a good nap? ūüėČ



Pregnancy Beauty – The Glow, The Breakouts, & The Unexpected Perks


I’m sure that many people would find the fact that I am worried about “beauty” whilst being pregnant is pathetic. However, I’d say that looking my best helps me to¬†feel¬†my best — and I’m sure there are lots of women out there who could say the same!

Simply put, pregnancy affects every woman differently, even where beauty is concerned.
Personally, I have experienced breakouts (from mild to moderate) and an increase in oily skin. I didn’t think that the “glow” you always hear about meant that no, your face is just a little greasy.

There have been a couple of unexpected perks, though!
For one, my hair is thicker and growing much faster.
After growing up with a grandfather that told me “the beauty of a woman is in her long hair,” I can’t help but be thrilled.

Also, my nails are even stronger than they were before! Bring on the nail art, no?

If you’re experiencing breakouts while pregnant like I am, I highly recommend the Belli Skin Care line. Its made specifically for pregnant women, and doesn’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to your little one. It’s been an adjustment not letting Salicylic Acid be my knight in shining armor, but I’ve been happy to do without for the well-being of my son.


My number one tip for oily skin while pregnant?
Keep oil blotting sheets handy! They are a cheap, quick fix that you can use anywhere.
You can buy them at most drugstores for $5 or less.
I like¬†e.l.f. Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets — it’s¬†only $1.00 for a pack of 50!


Second Trimester Anatomy Scan – How to Handle the Anxiety

WolfMaking it out of the first trimester and into the second is a huge milestone — one that I completely expected to take all of my pregnancy fears away. The chances of miscarriage are dramatically decreased, so what is there to worry about?

Well, it turns out that the worrying didn’t go anywhere.
I guess I should have anticipated that I would never be quite as carefree again.
After all, this tiny little life inside of me is already so loved.

18 Weeks came and went incredibly fast, and before I knew it, it was time for the anatomy scan & ultrasound.
I had been pretty excited about this initially, just because of the fact that I was so anxious to find out the sex of my little one.
However, spending too much time on the Community message boards on can really freak a mommy out.

So many women received frightening or heart breaking news at their scans, so I couldn’t help but think, “How do I know that mine won’t be the same way?”

But, I am so incredibly happy to say that I am one of the lucky ones.
My husband and I were blessed with an “absolutely perfect” anatomy scan.

Not only that, but we discovered that we were “definitely” having a little boy.
(Our little guy certainly wasn’t shy about showing us!)

Is your Anatomy Scan & Ultrasound coming up?
Check below for tips on how to manage the worries that are sure to come up!

1. Talk to your baby.
It may sound silly, but it really helps! Plus, baby’s ear buds are forming, so its kind of cute knowing that they can hear you, however warped it may sound at first.

2. Talk to the Father
My husband and I had a conversation where we had to ask each other, “if there is something wrong with him, would that change anything for you?”
After we both quickly decided that it wouldn’t, the knots in my stomach eased a bit.
We realized that no matter what, this was our baby, and we wanted him no matter what.
Realizing that kind of love makes you feel much more brave.

3. Get Excited!
Not only are you likely to find out the sex, but you actually get to see your little one!
It makes the whole experience much more real.
I also loved watching my husband’s face while he was looking at the screen. I will never
forget that smile.

Early Pregnancy – Signs, Symptoms, & Shock

I found out I was pregnant in a pretty melodramatic way.
Instead of taking the test in the comfort of my own home, I decided on a whim that I would get one and take it at the grocery store.

So there I was, in a Kroger bathroom, awful flourescent lighting and all, completely alone.
I hadn’t told anyone I was taking the test—not even my husband.

The thing was, I had felt for weeks that something was different.
I had become used to the idea of having a baby, and I realized that I would be devastated if I took the test and found that I wasn’t pregnant after all.

After about one minute of waiting for my test to develop, the second line appeared.

Needless to say, I was shocked.

It’s one thing to think¬†that you’re pregnant.
It’s something else to see the proof; to know that at that very moment, there’s a tiny human being growing inside of you.

I immediately drove to see my husband at work, and was able to tell him the next time he took a break. He was, to my relief, extremely happy.

It was amazing, after weeks of uncertainty, to finally have an answer.

So why did I think I was pregnant before taking the test?
I scoured the internet for any early pregnancy signs and symptoms that I could find—so if you’re doing the same by being here, the things I experienced are below!

Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

1. Sore Nipples. I know, I know, it feels like TMI just saying it! But whatever—that was the very first change I noticed in my body. Let’s just say that putting a t-shirt on became a rather delicate process.

2. Fatigue. No matter how early I went to bed, and no matter how many hours I slept, I found myself yearning for my bed every hour of the day.

3. Dizziness. Every time I stood up, or rolled out of bed, I got very dizzy. 

4.¬†Heightened Emotions.¬†I was becoming a bit feisty—I was much quicker to get snippy with my husband where I normally would have been very laid back. [Sorry, honey!]

Every person is different, though, so I would highly recommend visiting a website like to check out their information on early pregnancy symptoms. They certainly helped me! And honestly, there are some symptoms that while true, I don’t feel comfortable typing them. I draw the line at “sore nipples.” Maybe that’s juvenile and unhelpful, but I’m fully expecting people that I know to find this, and traumatizing them is not my goal.

I should also probably tell you that I took my test about three days before I missed my period.
I took a the First Response Pregnancy Test, since it is able to detect a pregnancy up to six days early. I would definitely recommend it to anyone feeling anxious for an answer. Remember though, if you take it¬†too¬†early, your hCg levels might not be high enough to detect yet. In the event that you get a negative result, but you still feel like something’s up, wait a few days and take another!

I’m so thrilled to be pregnant; becoming a mom has already been exhausting, but every minute of it is worth it. I can’t wait to meet our little one!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you— I’ll try to fill this blog with as much information ¬†as I can!